The Asclepion MeDioStar is everything it promises to be as a high-speed pain free hair removal laser that provides excellent clinical efficacy. As well CanAm, by far, has exceeded my expectations as a full service supplier of medical equipment.

Dr. Fadi Hajjaj


MeDioStar NEXT

Robert is a rare individual and a treasured resource. He has a vast knowledge of laser devices, combined with years of experience, along with an insatiable quest to find the best new Laser and Medical Aesthetic devices. Robert has generously provided personalized service and many hours of patient training and support for the numerous technologies that I have purchased from him over the years. All of which have helped my Spa flourish and grow.

Deborah Fisher M.D.

DFRx MediSpa and Wellness Clinic

Toronto Fashion’s pick as one of Toronto’s Top Spa’s 12-years running

As a very busy Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist my time is limited, so when establishing my first Aesthetic Medical Spa, Rob handled all of the device requirements to fit my budget. His knowledge of the market and what options were available for leasing, financing, devices, etc… provided us with a variety of new and pre owned devices to get us professionally equipped. As the years progress we look forward to continuing on with CanAm Aesthetic as our provider for the latest in medical device technologies.

Dr. Mark Krasny

Dermatologist - DermaFina

Montreal, Quebec

CanAm Aesthetic has been very helpful with increasing the revenue of my clinic, by introducing new technologies to enhance the services that we provide to our patients. CanAm offers quality devices at affordable pricing, while providing my staff with highly experienced clinical training...

Dr. Adam Bodian

Dermatologist – New York

After much confusion from others in the industry, Rob’s thorough knowledge and vast clinical experience provided me with a clear understanding of just what system would be the most clinically effective and financially sound purchase for my first Aesthetic Spa. Rob has always been available to provide continued training and reliable service for all of my professional needs.

Jacqui Frahm

Owner/Esthetician, Skincence

Rob's extensive knowledge and experience with aesthetic medical devices has provided our students and teachers with information that would have taken them years to obtain, all the while providing our College with the highest quality aesthetic devices that are available on today's market. As our enrollment continues to increase we are often told by many students that no other college offers the level of training and technologies that our college offers…this is in part due to the much appreciated support from CanAm Aesthetic Inc.

James Hartl

Dean, Canadian Beauty College

Mississauga, Ontario

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