MCL31 Dermablate

The World’s Most Successful ERBIUM: YAG

2940nm Wavelength Laser for Aesthetic Medicine.

Asclepion Laser Technologies GmBH (Jena, Germany) are the pioneers of Erbium 2940nm laser technology for Dermatology purposes.

The MCL31 Dermablate provides extremely precise applications of “Cold Ablation”, as well as “Hot Ablation” for a Thermal Effect on the tissue.

Energy is adjustable to Maximum 2.5J with an adjustable Frequency from 1- 20Hz, and optional Pulse Durations of 100-300-600-1,000μs.


  • Cold Ablation for Beverly Hills Peels
  • Thermal Mode for tightening & coagulation
  • MicroSpot Fractional Resurfacing Treatment  (Light, Medium & Deep) 13x13mm2 Pattern
  • Fully Ablative Precision Hand Pieces for a Variety of Skin Lesions:
    - VarioTEAM Adjustable 1- 6mm spot sizes
    - VarioTEAM XL Adjustable 8-12mm spot sizes
  • Scar Treatments
  • Stretch Marks
  • CUT HandPiece 0.5mm for Surgical Cutting
  • Neurofibromas
  • Snoring with ROMEO HandPiece 5* 5mm2

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Phone : 1-647-620-2727
Health Canada Licence #4851


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