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Why Choose CANAM Aesthetic Inc.


CanAm Aesthetic Inc. offers the opportunity to share over 25-years of hands on medical Laser and aesthetic device clinical expertise, that we have experienced through various training invitations from many highly respected plastic surgeons and dermatologists throughout the world. More..


With 33-years of experience in the medical device industry, Rob has spent the last 25-years traveling many different countries evaluating new and existing Laser Devices and Aesthetic Technologies, while consulting with manufacturers and physicians. More..


We have a team of highly experienced sales reps, agents, clinical trainers and affiliated service engineers located throughout Canada. More..

What Others Are Saying

“Rob has always been available to provide continued training and reliable service for all of my professional needs.”

Jacqui Frahm

Owner/Esthetician, Skincence

“Rob's extensive knowledge and experience with aesthetic medical devices has provided our students and teachers with information that would have taken them years to obtain.”

James Hartl

Dean, Canadian Beauty College - Mississauga, Ontario

“CanAm Aesthetic has been very helpful with increasing the revenue of my clinic, by introducing new technologies to enhance the services that we provide to our patients. CanAm offers quality devices at affordable pricing, while providing my staff with highly experienced clinical training.”

Dr. Adam Bodian

Dermatologist – New York

“As a very busy Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist my time is limited, so when establishing my first Aesthetic Medical Spa, Rob handled all of the device requirements to fit my budget.”

Dr. Mark Krasny

Dermatologist - DermaFina - Montreal, Quebec

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MeDioStar Next with SmoothPulse

The finest German high power diode technology
Stronger, Faster,
Safer, Smaller
Clinically Proven

New QuadroStarPro™ Yellow 577nm

The World's First 577nm Yellow Table-Top Laser for dermatology Safer and more effective for vascular lesions than green spectrum wavelengths Highly effective for the treatment of Melasma

TattooStar Effect

The best way to remove tattoos and pigments
Effective, precise and non-invasive. Available in Ruby 694nm or YAG 1064, 532 & 585nm

MCL31 Dermablate

Provides extremely precise applications of “Cold Ablation”, as well as “Hot Ablation” for a Thermal Effect on the tissue.

CanAm Aesthetic Inc

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Health Canada Licence #4851

Phone : 1-647-620-2727
Health Canada Licence #4851


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